FIA faculty is a rich mixture of Master and PhD degrees. FIA also relys on experts and prominent practitioners from diverse fields, which guarantees an excellent technical and academic formation for its in undergraduate, graduate, MBA and Post-MBA students. The knowledge transfer generated by this faculty to the activities performed by students and addressed in the curriculum of each of the educational programs of the Foundation are one of FIA's finest virtues.

To ensure the quality of its faculty, FIA encourages the participation in national and international congresses and events related to different study areas as a way to promote cultural and academic enrichment.

FIA also encourages its faculty members to participate in Institutional Programs, where activities related to their field of knowledge are develop within FIA thematic areas in education, research and consultancy.

This intense and rewarding research activity exposes FIA's faculty members to a deep contact with the academic world and the reality of companies. This reflects directly upon the offered courses which always in tune with modern practices and needs of the corporate scene.

Another distinguishing feature of FIA's faculty is their participation as members of editorial boards of relevant magazines and in specialized forums, helping to spread the concepts of their areas of expertise and allowing a continuous interaction and integration with the university and corporate world.