Former students highlight some of FIA's differentials as being the quality of FIA's faculty members, many from renowned educational institutions and professionals of recognized prominence, the rigorous and competitive entrance selection process that candidates are submitted to, the educatinal methodology focusing on solving common day-to-day business issues and problems, as well as the rich networking opportunities with high level executives.

I attended FIA MBA for its tradition, its renowned faculty and its teaching methodology. The MBA at FIA gave me a broader business vision

Marcus Vinicius Valente - Toutatis Client Services do Brasil S/A - Finance & Controlling Manager

I chose the FIA Finance MBA because I know it is unquestionably one of the best courses in the country with outstanding international recognition.

Rafael Gomes - Global Banking & Markets RisksAtacado - Santander
Gerente de Engenharia de Rede da VIVO S/A​​​​​​​



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