Over 30 years of experience and outstanding performance in the market as a consulting, research and educational institution has given FIA a solid and highly regarded reputation both in Brazil and abroad. The excellence of its courses and services confers to FIA the status of one of the top Brazilian educational institutions, widely recognized by students, alumni, employers, public agencies and partners.

More than five thousand projects have been implemented since its foundation with not only significant but satisfactoy results for both its clients and partners. Top executives of national and international companies have graduated from FIA.

FIA´s outstanding participation as a business school in national and international rankings, the relevance of its consultancy projects, and the various awards received, all attest to FIA´s excellence as a business educational, consultancy and research institution. Due to its relevant services, FIA is recognized at municipal, state and federal levels as a public interest institution.

FIA is managed by a group of program directors with extensive experience and rexpertise. It is staffed by competent technicians and dedicated professionals.

By promoting the transfer of knowledge generated by its staff, FIA sis able to integrate its academic environment with Brazilian society, thus enhancing the growth and development of executives, society and, consequently, the country itself.