FIA Business School

The implementation of FIA Business School, in 2010, determined a new milestone in the search of constant adequacy to the profound changes coming from the internal and external conjunctures of the Institutions´and the consequent changes that the management system of higher education institutions have faced.

FIA Business School is maintained by FIA - Fundação Instituto de Administração and acts at the level of higher education with excellence, infrastructure able to meet all the needs of faculty and students and a library that contributes to quality education in a dynamic and progressive way.

The commitment of the Fundação Instituto de Administração, by becoming a supporter of FIA Business School, has been to develop an educational project that answers to both individual and society expectations, contributing to the training of professionals with expertise, intellectual autonomy, sense of justice and humanity, by generating knowledge through teaching, research and extension.

The FIA Business School currently offers the folowing courses: Bachelor in Business Administration and Graduate, MBA, Post MBA and extension courses.

The Mission Statement

To deliver educational activities aimed at training professionals with technical capacity, intellectual autonomy, sense of justice and humanity, from the perspective of knowledge construction through teaching, research and extension.