Internal Committee for Assessment

The internal committee for assessment (CPA) of the FIA Business School was established by decree No 04 of March 25, 2011 in compliance with Article 11 of Law No 10.861/2004:

Article 11 - Each higher education institution, public or private, will constitute its own internal committee for assessment - CPA, within 60 (sixty) days from the date of publication of this law, with the duties of conducting internal evaluation processes of the institution, of systematization and delivering of the information requested by INEP, subject to the following guidelines:
I - incorporation by act of the Head of the higher education institution, or by provision in its own statute or bylaws, securing the participation of all segments of the school community and organized civil society, and sealed the composition that favors the absolute majority of one of the segments;
II - Autonomy in relation to Councils and other collegiate bodies existing in the higher education institution.


Francisco Ribeiro de Almeida (
Rafael Seabra Santos Giannella (
Melina Santos de Araujo Rosa (
Alfredo dos Santos Junior (