The excellence of FIA is based on the research initiatives carried out by its different institutional programs, which develop activities in several areas of management such as: Agribusiness, Science and Technology, Foreign Trade, Studies of the Future, Finance, People Management, Projects, Informatics, Marketing, Small and Medium – Sized Companies, Third Sector and Retail.

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    • Agribusiness System Study Program (PENSA)

    • PENSA is an advanced center dedicated to the management and coordination of Agribusiness, acting in a national and international context and developing excellence in academic research applied to teaching.
    • Coordinator: Cláudio Antonio Pinheiro Machado Filho
    • Program website:
    • Brazilian Foreing Trade Program (PROCEB)

    • PROCEB is multidisciplinary center for research, teaching and consulting in international business, focusing on marketing, finance, logistics, trade and international operations.
    • Coordinator: Celso Cláudio de Hildebrand e Grisi
    • Program website:
    • Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Third Sector Management (CEATS)

    • The CEATS is composed of multidisciplinary teams of professor and researchers who carry out projects and activities of higher education and professional training.
    • Coordinator: Rosa Maria Fischer
    • Program website:
    • Finance Laboratory (LABFIN)

    • LabFin is an institutional center, focused on the financial sciences, which promotes research and exploration of applications and techniques of Contemporary Finance in Brazil.
    • Coordinator: José Roberto Ferreira Savoia
    • Program website:
    • Future Studies Program (PROFUTURO)

    • Profuturo’s mission is to assist organizations, both public and private, in improving planning processes to better forecast and manage changes in their business environment and by pursuing opportunities to create a desirable future.
    • Coordinator: Renata Giovinazzo Spers
    • Program website: