Consultancy Solutions


Technologial Innovation Management

Identification of critical factors and design of company's technological strategy;
Assessment of the of innovation contribution to business efficacy;
Development of technological alliances or joint ventures;
Evaluation and selection of technological projects;
Development and implementation of systems

General Management

Review and proposal of consistent organizational structure;
Identification of gaps and / or imperfections, with subsequent review;
Streamlining and Administrative Simplification;
Redesign and optimization of processes;
Driving organizational change processes;
Development of code of ethics;
Balanced Scorecard

Strategic Management of People

Management by Competence;
Knowledge Management;
Performance evaluation;
Job, careers and salaries planning;
Description of professional profiles;
Salary Survey;
Quality of life, well-being;
Safety at work;
Development of talents and skills;
Climate change management and organizational culture;
Improvement of labor relations and union relations


Establishment of competitive strategies;
Thematic studies;
Identification and analysis of enhancements applicable to the improvement of agro industrial system

Operations Management

Analysis and improvement of quality and productivity through review and improvement of the supply chain

Business Policies

Development of sectorial studies;
Techniques and methods of negotiation;
Analysis of projects feasibility;
Analysis of strategies adopted.

Third Sector Management

Management of social development;
Programs of social responsibility and corporate citizenship;
Projects of social transformation.


Management of financial markets;
Economic and financial evaluation;
Improvement of Financial Management

Future Studies

Development of indicators projection and of expected future performance features;
Strategic, tactical and operational planning;
Preparation of scenarios and models analysis and structuring for solving complex problems

Marketing and Retail Management

Elaboration and implementation of marketing plans;
Development of market research;
Analysis of market and competition;
Market segmentation and competitive positioning.

Small and Medium Companies

Diagnosis of management;
Profit analysis, expandability and life cycle of the company and its products;
Succession management program

Foreign Trade

Global Logistics operations planning;
Demand planning;
Structuring of financial operations aimed at obtaining competitive funding;
Price setting in foreign markets

Public Sector

Evaluation of public programs;
Planning and execution of social and public opinion research;
Planning and execution of public official examinations;
Support in the preparation of bidding processes

Informatics and Quantitative Methods

Information Technology Planning;
Management of IT Function;
Quantitative Methods Applied to Administration