The course offers 50 seats per semester.

Course Duration

The course consists of eight semesters, totaling four years, is offered exclusively during the day with full time classes during the first two or three years.


Formed by professors with master and doctorate degrees in business administration and in other related fields, who teach at MBA and other graduate programs at FIA. CLICK HERE to access faculty resumés.

Monthly Fee

Fee is R$ 2,800.00 or R $ 1,450.00 monthly with FIA student financing in up to 120 months. Consult the course secretary for conditions and eligibility.

Scholarship program

2 full scholarships (100%) will be offered for low-income students

Discount policy

Sons and daughters of alumni from MBA and other graduate courses with more than 360 hours have a special discount up to 30% on tuition, to be renewed every six months according to the student´s academic performance.

Location and Infrastructure

Classes will be taught in the Butantã Educational Unit, São Paulo - SP. The classrooms are the same used by executives in MBA courses. The infrastructure can be viewed by accessing the "Virtual Tour ".

Credenciamento MEC

Faculdade FIA de Administração de Negócios (FIA Business School) is accredited by MEC Ruling No. 750 of 05/26/2000, published in the Federal Official Gazette, Section I, of 05/30/2000. The Business Administration undergraduate program was recognized by Ruling/MEC/SESU No. 346 of April 23, 2007 - Federal Official Gazette of 04/24/2007.

External Transference Process

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