External Transference Process

What is this?

It is a way to enter the School, for applicants with undergraduate degree duly recognized in the form of legislation, who want to join another degree course, without the need for new examination or for students currently enrolled, or in leave of absence in an undergraduate course at another Higher Education Institution (HEI) wishing to enroll in the Business Administration undergraduate program offered by FIA Business School, as provided by legislation.

2. Why should I transfer to the FIA Business School?

International agreements with universities in Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia;

International agreements for student exchanges;

Curriculum oriented to international operations;

High rates of employment in big organizations;

Connectivity and mastery of technological tools;

Extracurricular courses for English leveling;

Professional training disciplines in English language, regular and electives;

Use of Harvard Business School case studies in classes;

Talk shows with executives, mostly of them FIA alumni;

Job Fair, to recruit interns and trainees;

Guided visits to companies and Third Sector organizations;

Guidance to behave in a professional environment in order to prepare for the hiring selection processes

Guidance to prepare resumés, group dynamics, personal presentations;

Courses in English language in the Brazilian curriculum, to foster cross-cultural abilities.

Is there any cost to request validation of previous studies and start the external transfer process?

There is no cost for the applicant. For the validation of previous studies, the School Board will analyze the subjects that can be validated (need not be re-attended at FIA Business School) and then indicate the level in which student will start, what are the exemptions and what courses must be attended.

How does the transfer process works?

1. Candidate makes the enrollment in the FIA portal

2. The coordination of the business school contacts the candidate by phone or e-mail, appointing the dates for delivery of the documentation, as publicly announced.

3. The business school coordination makes the curriculum analysis.

4. The coordination sends an email to the applicant stating the results of previous studies analysis.

5. The candidate confirms and accepts or in case of doubt about the analysis done, s/he can schedule a personal talk with the coordinator.

6. The applicant receives an email from the course coordinator, which includes instructions for completing and printing the contract and registration slip. The e-mail includes the dates of delivery of documentation to make the enrollment in the undergraduate program.

7. The student delivers the contract and proof of payment at FIA Business School reception desk and signs the analysis of previous studies validation previously made by the course coordinator.

I have other questions and would like to speak with the course coordinator. How should I proceed?

send an email to the course coordinator, Prof. Leandro Morilhas: leandrom@fia.com.br