Professional Master Program

The Professional Master in Business Administration is the result of institutional consolidation, the result of an experience built over 30 years of activities. Starting with consulting services to local, regional and national companies, giving support for problem solving and improving organizational management, this practice has never been abandoned by FIA. It remains one of its basic foundations, although it is not the only means of institutional preparation and maturity.

The FIA Faculty has expanded its expertise through institutional support for research, knowledge creation and intellectual production of national and international scale. FIA Business School has been supported the consolidation of 11 research programs, developed in its institutional framework. These programs have contributed to consolidate its system of teaching and research. Finally, the institutional maturity has been consolidated by the transfer of knowledge through graduate Lato Sensu courses, which have not been held under common patterns observed in other institutions of higher education, but with unique features and standards of excellence that ensure the national and international recognition of their courses.

Professional Master's in Business Administration Program Director:
Prof. Dr. Leandro José Morilhas  


The Professional Master Program is being evaluated in the CAPES.