Educational Plan

The tutoring system of post-MBA consists of regular meetings with tutors to prepare the EDP (Educational Development Program) and the monitoring of its implementation throughout the duration of the program. Tutors are professionals and academics indicated by the Program Director, with extensive experience in business and in professional counseling

The EDP is in line with the executive's career plan. This connection is important to enable the professional to perform the continuing education activities consistent to the professional development and to new challenges in the career.

The educational activities consist of courses, forums, seminars, thematic group discussions and international study trips. These activities are carried out directly by Post-MBA program or in partnership with other FIA institutional programs, and with partner institutions.


Tutorship Methodology 

• First interview
• Career Plan analysis
• Mentor indication
• Tutoring sessions for Educational Development Plan elaboration and follow-up

    The tutorship methodology has been especially developed for the Post-MBA program.